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Church Point mother and son finding hope after forced to give up pets

Posted at 6:04 PM, Nov 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-27 23:04:14-05

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Jeanne Giovanetti and her son Michael Bourgh couldn't help but hold back tears when they made the tough choice to surrender some of their beloved pets to the St. Landry Parish Animal Shelter.

"I knew I had to leave them and I knew I would never get...I didn't want to leave the dogs behind. They're all looking and crying and they don't understand why we're leaving them, explained Giovanetti through tears.

Her son Michael added, "It's horrible. It's horrible. I've cried all I can cry. I can't stop, I can't stop. It's very hard, and I don't know what to do now."

Their story struck a nerve with the Shelter and with Acadiana Animal Aid.

Stacey McKnight, with the animal shelter, said, "It wasn't a pet in need this time. It was people. The kindness in her voice and hands. She really clutched on as if it was her child. Everything good in her life was wrapped up in those pets and she had to give that up. That part of her life was ending and she didn't know how to handle it."

Through the shelter and Acadiana Animal Aid, the two have been put into a hotel so they can have a roof over their head for Thanksgiving.

"Thanksgiving means a lot and I think it's important that people understand the best we can do for Thanksgiving is really give thanks. That giving is what we have to encourage," added McKnight.

"It's the end of the month. It's Thanksgiving. I don't know what to do. We don't know where to go. If it wasn't for the community putting us up and helping, we'd be homeless," said Michael.

The two are hoping to regain a sense of normalcy soon.

"We had nobody to turn to. These people helped us and they put us up in a hotel room."

Now, Giovanetti has a place to stay for the holidays and a message of optimism for those in difficult situations.

"When you think there is no hope out there, just hold on."

The shelter is asking the public to help the woman this holiday season. The post adds if anyone would like to bring meal gift cards or other similar items they will get those items to the family.

Below is a list of suggestions from the shelter:

  • Gift cards
  • A holiday card
  • Soft food for senior pets (she kept two older pets)
  • Gift cards for pet grooming
  • The shelter is located at 255 Hangar Road in Opelousas and can be reached by calling (337) 501-9100.