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Unique Fitness provides fun, safe workouts for those with special needs

Posted at 10:08 PM, Nov 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-23 23:46:35-05

LAFAYETTE — 21-year-old Layne Carrier and his friend Elliot don't let their disabilities control their lives. The two attend a group fitness class together at Unique Fitness.

Unique Fitness is a program in Lafayette that provides group and individual workouts for those with special needs. It's currently the only one in Acadiana, and today was the grand opening.

"It was awesome, it feels good," Layne said.

His mother says he has always enjoyed working out, and at one time was a power lifter.

"He loves to impress the ladies, he loves to show off his muscles, so anytime he can lift, or do anything to make himself look better, he will," Dané Carrier said.

Unique Fitness, which is currently located inside Headkicks Martial Arts and Fitness Club, offers Layne and his friends a safe place to workout.

"This place is great, because the mat's all over, in case someone slips and falls. Also we're not an open gym, so when they come in and we teach a Unique Fitness class, there is nothing going on," coach Damon Vincent said.

Vincent started Unique Fitness several months ago after working with Dreams Foundations. He coached one class a week and after several years, wanted to do more.

"We just really felt like the community needed a program dedicated to them. We have mixed martial arts, Crossfit, yoga, and Cycle Bar, so the special population really deserves their own own program," Vincent explained,

"Not only are they getting a good workout, they're hanging out in a safe place, hanging out with their friends, and getting a good sweat."

Vincent says when he first started, he was nervous, but now his classes inspire him. He hopes one day, they'll have their own facility.

For more information on the classes click here.