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Spirit of Acadiana: Philanthropic Donut Donor

Posted at 7:01 PM, Apr 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-13 21:27:30-04

So a Lafayette mother and son decided ‘we want to touch some lives, make people feel a little bit better, but how do we do that?’ How about with a box of donuts?

Point A for this sweet story… sweet in more ways than one—Was Rickey Meche’s Donut King on Pinhook Road in Lafayette. You see, when Laura Trahan’s kids wanted some donuts one morning, Laura—an employee of St. Thomas Catholic School-- saw her breakfast run as a golden opportunity to pay it forward.

“And I thought, number one, this is a business that supports our school,” began Trahan, “and I think it’s important to support the businesses that do support our school during the regular year, that it’s really important to give back to them.”

So Laura and her 20-year old son Grant ordered 15 bags of donuts and kolaches, supporting a breakfast eatery at the same time. And once they had those donuts and kolaches? Who, pray tell, would get them?

“We don’t have school, we don’t have offices to go to, I’m just gonna bring them to my neighbors,” explains Trahan.

They attached a note; and with Mom doing the driving, and son doing the running, the Trahans spent their morning making people in their Austin Village neighborhood smile. “Hey there, thank you so much! Have a good day,” waved one neighbor.

Across the street, meanwhile, lives the Lafayette family of Tommy Hebert. Grant proceeded to greet Tommy with a chest bump, to which Hebert replied, “Boom! Thank you, brother! Awesome!”

“Talk about make someone’s day, when you open up the door and you see a box of donuts, and you see Grant waving at you,” Hebert continued. “If you don’t get happy looking at him, delivering donuts and seeing how excited he is, then we need to decide something else to do, it’s great.”

It didn’t take much; it doesn’t take much. Lifting the spirits of homebound neighbors and keeping a business in business?

It’s not rocket science, but maybe… donut science?