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Some Youngsville neighborhoods see flooding; water receding

Some Youngsville neighborhoods see flooding
Posted at 7:35 PM, Jul 14, 2019

Youngsville, an area that dealt with serious flooding in 2016 is dealing with flooding again.

Early Sunday morning, high water vehicles from the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office and one from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office were called into Youngsville at the request of Mayor Ken Ritter.

The deputies patrolled neighborhoods with high water and walked door-to-door on one street to see if anyone needed to be rescued.

During our ride along, one lady with several puppies was trying to move from her flooded street to higher ground. Deputies helped rescue the three pups...loaded them into the high water vehicle and brought them to safety.

Meanwhile, over in Youngsville's Highland Ridge Subdivision, Amy Patin said the water came up quickly.

"I went to sleep at midnight last night and it was down. I woke up at 5 this morning and it was back up," Patin said.

In 2016, water was inside homes in Patin's neighborhood. Fortunately, no water was reported in homes this time.

Nearby on Heritage Drive, a much different scene.

Nearly four inches of water got inside one home...the third time since 2016. The residents and their dog took shelter upstairs.

Kira Ridgley who lives across the street says the Lasalle Coulee is backed up.

"It's discouraging as tax payers that we don't have that we need and they want to keep adding new housing developments," Ridgley said.

Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux said water is still covering some Youngsville roads and he urges residents to use caution.