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Some day care providers choose to temporarily close

Child care industry takes a hit financially
Posted at 6:06 PM, Mar 25, 2020

The child care industry is struggling to stay open for those the government considers to be essential workers.

In a recent press conference, Governor John Bel Edwards said, “We’re not asking day care's to close, for the most part.”

Although it's not being required, many in-home day care facilities are choosing to close their door for extra precaution.

“Sunday, when I heard about the stay at home order, I just decided it was time," said Heather Watkins.

Heather has been taking care of young children for over 20 years. In 2008, Heather and her husband decided to open Ms. Heather's Play Land to have something of their own, where children are more like family.

"From my first kids I ever had at day care, I still keep in touch with them. They’re married now but it’s fun," said Heather Watkins.

Having become close to all her parents, it was extremely hard to notify them Sunday that she wouldn't be taking in any children. Adding to the stress, Heather, like many child care providers in the area, she can only hope for the best.

“Right now, I’m not working so there’s no income. So, two weeks gives me a little bit of room, but after that I don’t know," said Heather Watkins.

Heather hopes to re-open her business on April 6th, if officials believe it is safe.