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Rep. Vincent Pierre appointed chair of House Transportation Committee

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Posted at 9:12 PM, Feb 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-07 22:12:46-05

LAFAYETTE, LA - Rep. Vincent Pierre, D-Lafayette, this week was appointed chairman of the House Transportation, Highways and Public Works Committee.

"It's an honor to lead one of our state's most essential committees," said Rep. Pierre, who represents District 44. "With shortfalls in federal transportation funding and infrastructure needs increasing, infrastructure is one of our state's most complex challenges. It's a challenge I readily welcome.

"I look forward to working with my fellow Democratic, Republican and Independent colleagues as we navigate challenges and solutions pertaining to the fiscal and operational facets of Louisiana's infrastructure system," he said.

As a second-generation politician, Pierre was first elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives in 2011. Since then, he has served on numerous committees including Commerce, Insurance, and Labor and Industrial Relations. Pierre also served on the House Transportation, Highways and Public Works Committee for four sessions; experiences that have prepared him for his upcoming task as committee chairman.

"Remaining committed to infrastructure will continue to help us move forward as a state," Pierre said. "A commitment to infrastructure extends beyond pavement preservation. It's ensuring our roads and highways are safe and efficient for access to educational institutions, quality health care and job opportunities.

"A commitment to infrastructure extends beyond flood resiliency planning and drainage improvements. It's helping to provide peace of mind to residents and business owners during heavy rains. A commitment to infrastructure extends beyond roads, highways, ports and bridges. It's helping to enhance the quality of life for all Louisianans. A commitment to improving Louisiana's infrastructure is a commitment to its people," said Pierre.

The Transportation, Highways and Public Works Committee deals with all types of transportation and related construction.

In general, it deals with highways, roads, and bridges, as well, as railroad, air, bus, and vehicular transportation. But it also sets rules and regulations for highway, railroad, and air transportation, for pipelines (except the substances or materials which travel through the pipelines), and for motor vehicles.

The committee also deals with public works projects, including flood and drainage projects, (including levee districts and multi-parish drainage projects), construction, improvement and maintenance of waterways, lakes, and streams and related facilities, and works with water conservation districts.

It also oversees advertisement and letting of public contracts to the lowest responsible bidder relative to the Public Bid Law.