We're Open: Local wine market provides recipe for sanitizer

Posted at 8:07 PM, Mar 26, 2020

The ‘Corona Era’ has forced many retailers to become more creative. For example, at Marcello’s Wine Market in Lafayette, they’ve taken a popular libation and turned it into a product of necessity.

Everclear and Diesel are traditionally the stuff of rather stiff drinks, right? But when the Corona threat became real, and residents flocked to traditional grocery stores… “Everyone kind of freaked out,” says Kelli Bazer, Wine Salesman for Marcello’s. “There was no hand sanitizer on the shelves at any of the stores here in Lafayette. We have the main ingredient here, so we decided to make our own.”

Dire times call for ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, and the staff of Marcello’s thought of their customers who ALREADY used 190-proof Everclear or Diesel at their business cleaning services. The ingredients were there, so Marcello’s started making its rather potent sanitizing solution.

Rogers describes the steps. “We’re making this with 190-proof alcohol, we’re doing Everclear or Diesel, and we’re doing Everclear today. We’re doing at least 75% of your grain alcohol here, topping it off with a little water, and from there you can add your essential oil of choice—we’re doing peppermint and lemongrass. nd then put the top back on, give it a little shake, and (she sprays) you’re good to go.”

Everclear, water and essential oils. The secondary purpose of 190-proof alcohol is a success at an Acadiana business that can say, ‘We’re Open’. “It’s been a crazy product to sell,” adds Bazer. “Yesterday, we sold ten cases of it, so that’s just one day.”

The message: Just because you can’t find some hand sanitizer doesn’t mean you can’t make some hand sanitizer. “Right,” agrees Bazer, “There’s always another option.” And Marcello’s is one of those options? “That’s right, that’s correct.

Disclaimer: They are not producing hand sanitizer at their location, but they are supplying the ingredient needed to make it.