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KATC crashes Super Bowl watch parties

Posted at 1:12 AM, Feb 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-03 02:16:02-05

LAFAYETTE — Super Bowl Sunday can be enjoyed many different ways, and for some, it's hosting a watch party.

KATC's Jordan Lippincott ventured out to find some of those parties.

Her first stop was the saint street area.

A pair of brothers who are in school at the university were getting some help from Mom and Dad to host their gathering. Dad was on grill duty. Mom was in the kitchen, making the hamburger patties and and getting some help with the bread pudding.

"We love it, but LSU football and the Saints are our heart, so this is a little weird not really having a team that we absolutely love in the game," said Mom.

Although some are disappointed the Saints didn't make the Super Bowl, that's not stopping them from enjoying the big game.

Once Jordan left that house, she ran into more college students, and at this house, it wasn't your typical game day menu.

"So, I'm making chicken shawarma and cucumber tzatziki. [It's] something I've been wanting to make for a while, and now, it's just a good opportunity to do it," said one roommate.

Some in the group found a way to multitask during the game.

"We're doing homework, too," said one student. Her roommate chimed in, "We've been studying all day, so we wanted to take a break."

And it looks like Jordan wasn't the only party crasher.

"I live across the street, and they said they were cooking food," said their neighbor.

Can you believe it? A third crew invited her in.

This gang was going for the Chiefs (good choice!).

"They haven't been there in 50 years," explained the hostess. "We like Andy Reid and the 'Honey Badger.'"

Aside from the game and the great food on Super Bowl Sunday, the best part is the company.

"Everyone that's here is mostly family, and the friends are considered family," said the hostess.