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Is 78 a realistic temperature to set your thermostat?

Posted at 5:12 PM, Aug 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-21 21:46:13-04

You might have seen on social media the report from Energy Star claiming that 78 degrees is the lowest temperature you should set your thermostat in the summer.

According to SLEMCO communication manager Mary Laurent this is not a new report and that they have been recommending 78° as the ideal temperature for years.

That said Laurent understands 78° might be too hot for many here in Acadiana.

Laurent reminds people that "you have to realize that for every temperature degree that you go down on your air conditioning system your bill is going to go up exponentially."

Also, Laurent agrees with the report that you should turn up your thermostat in the morning when you leave for work and then lower it when you get home.

The reason is every time your A/C kicks on there is a large energy surge.

So, if you keep your thermostat at a steady temperature all day it is kicking on several times throughout the day to stay cool, causing many large power spikes.

These power surges uses way more energy then if you would have to have the air conditioning run for a hour when you get home from work to cool off the house.

But ultimately the main thing is you just have to figure out the temperature that is comfortable for you while at the same time being able to afford your electric bill.