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Guillory proposes changes at LCG

Josh Guillory
Posted at 7:00 PM, Jan 03, 2020

Lafayette Mayor-President elect Josh Guillory will be sworn in on Monday, but before he takes the oath, he's already shaking things up at Lafayette Consolidated Government.

Guillory announced he wants leadership changes at public works, community development and the Lafayette Police Department.

In the ordinance to be introduced to the City and Parish Councils on Tuesday, Jan. 7, Guillory proposes moving drainage maintenance work out of the Public Works Department. Additionally, the maintenance of traffic, roads and bridges will transfer to a separate department.

Tonight, questions remain on why Guillory wants Police Chief Toby Aguillard to step down.

Guillory said the changes in department heads at the three departments is about transparency.

"Look, my focus as far as transparency does not stop at public works, does not stop at drainage, does not stop at the Lafayette Police Department or the Lafayette Fire Department. If there is an issue with transparency, I think my actions so far should justify your confidence in me to address it," Guillory said.

We asked Guillory if Chief Aguillard does not step down on Monday, if he will work to have him fired.

Guillory said, "That process will work itself out. I have faith in the process and my decision in that particular area is nothing personal. My job is to make sure everything is running smoothly and has the best, proper leadership that we can provide."

Guillory would not expand on why he feels LPD has not been transparent.

"I'm not talking about the Lafayette Police Department any further," Guillory said. "Here's why...we're in a transition phase and we will address that issue as it goes, but I believe in the process."

We also asked if Guillory believes he's setting himself or LCG up for a lawsuit.

He said "no," and ended our interview.

We did reach out to LPD we were told the Chief is not commenting because he has not heard from the new administration.

As for community development, Hollis Conway was named the new department head.