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Getting Answers: Debris pick-up in Lafayette Parish

Getting Answers: Debris pick-up in Lafayette Parish
Hurricane debris
Posted at 10:36 PM, Jul 29, 2019

Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Barry impacted Acadiana, some neighborhoods in Lafayette Parish are still waiting for their debris to be picked-up.

KATC is Getting Answers from Lafayette Consolidated Government.

LCG says it simply takes time. The Parish has contracted with a private company to remove big piles of debris.

Each day since Barry, Lafayette resident Mark Lagrone has slowly chopped away at removing a damaged tree from his yard.

"I've been sweating like I actually did something today," Lagrone said.

The tree was too close to his home and his neighbor's driveway to leave it standing.

"It's just my little toy chainsaw that makes it a bit more challenging, but it hasn't been too bad and it's good exercise," Lagrone said.

When his "toy chainsaw" doesn't do the trick, Lagrone said, "I'm not very good. I come in and catch half of it and I can't get a clean cut. This splitter makes life easier so I don't have to work so hard. I can cut it and split it in half."

LCG has collected more than 1600 cubic yards of debris...that's equal to filling up more than 500 pick-up trucks.

Cydra Wingerter with LCG said, "The yard waste collectors are making their regular routes and the emergency debris collectors are canvassing the parish as well to make sure they get up all those larger pieces of debris."

LCG says when placing your debris at the curb, keep yard waste separate from any construction materials or other trash. Also, be careful of piling debris underneath powerlines or under trees.

"Some is being picked up by hand and other debris is being picked up with a big boom truck arm. So, a large claw coming to pick it up because it's so large," said Wingerter.

If you feel like LCG might have missed picking up your debris, call 311. A city hall employee will take down your information to make sure you're taken care of.