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Former LUS Director addresses Mayor's concerns about practices at LUS

Posted at 5:39 PM, Nov 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-14 21:53:11-05

Former LUS Director Terry Huval is responding to criticism from the Robideaux administration about practices at LUS.

Those practices began during Huval's tenure.

Huval said he's coming forward because he's been seeing too much inaccurate and incomplete information about LUS.

"I really shouldn't be involved in it," Huval said during a press conference. "The decisions we made were based on the best information we had available, we had all of the approvals we needed to make that happen. Our focus was always to serve our customers."

Over the last few months, the Robideaux administration has raised questions with the Public Service Commission about transactions between LUS and LUS Fiber.

Among them, the LUS electric outage monitoring system. The Robideaux administration questions transactions involving that system and whether it's legal.

"The idea was to do everything we could within reasonable financial limits to be able to provide a service to them and it's been great," Huval said. "Our customer rates are the lowest of anybody in this area, the reliability is the highest and that's all because of the processes that we've put in place."

Huval said this system was vetted through LCG's independent auditor and legal teams.

The Robideaux administration declined to interview or comment on this story and said they're preparing for the special LPUA meeting on Tuesday.