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Football team remembers 9-year-old teammate after fatal vehicle crash

Posted at 9:33 PM, Aug 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-30 08:57:59-04

BROUSSARD — A youth football team is remembering their teammate who was killed in a car crash earlier this week.

Phillip Dauterive, III was just nine years old.

He was in a car with his father when they were involved in a three-vehicle crash Tuesday, August 27. His father is still in the hospital.

Family and friends say Phillip loved playing football with the Lafayette Swampcats.

On Thursday night, Dauterive's teammates honored him by gathering on the field where they played. It was a special moment that Phillip's family has wished for since Tuesday's tragic crash.

"Don't interrupt anything with the program, keep it going strong, keep the family atmosphere, keep praying," Coach Rusty Noel said.

Several members of Dauterive's family were there relying on his teammates for strength.

"Having to go back to our house with so much of Phillip being there... with the thought of Phillip never being here on this earth with us again, it's hard," says Leah Gerard, Phillip's sister. "But it could've been worse. We could've lost my dad too."

His cousin Yolanda Phearse says they called him 'Poppa.'

"Poppa loved sports, loved every kind of sport, basketball, baseball, he loved to go fishing with his grandfather."

And Phillip will be remembered by his team not just for his love of sports, but his love of life.

"The minute you speak with anybody, the first thing they'll mention is his smile," says Noel. "The kid just loved life and was very passionate."

Family members say, even at a young age he wanted to help others.

"One time they were at sports event, and he saw a lady sitting by herself, he went up and asked 'why are you all alone,' and she said, 'well I didn't have anyone to come with me,' so he says 'okay, well I'll sit here and keep you company,' that's the kind of kid this was," says Phearse.