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Demand for Janitors increase amid COVID-19

Clients are seeking disinfecting services
Posted at 6:20 PM, Mar 27, 2020

While many people are staying home and social distancing, cleaning companies are on the front lines trying to keep the germs away. In the process, management at Jani-King in Lafayette say they’ve been busy.

“We’re here to fight the fight of the Coronavirus. Our team is out there doing the proper disinfecting to help reduce the chance of
it spreading," said regional manager Ryan Owens.

Not only has Jani-King employees been busy, the demand for their service has increased.

“We found since this has started, people want to ramp up their disinfecting versus their cleaning. Disinfecting, you're actually killing any viruses or potential hazards that would be on that surface," said Owens.

Franchise owner, Cynthia Gallardo and her team of 12 have been in constant contact with their clients to ensure doors stay open. While focusing on the business aspect, the staff is also able to promote a sense of security for their employees at the same time.

“Me personally, and our employees, are very excited that we are considered essential employees because we know our work is secured because we’re needed in the industry right now, especially now. Our employees are like family, so we make sure they're protected but also the community is protected," said Cynthia Gallardo.