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Coworkers remember Comeaux High student for his kind heart

Posted at 12:03 AM, Jan 23, 2020

Heartbroken friends are sharing memories of Matthew Carter, the Comeaux High School student who died Wednesday, after being shot in an armed robbery this past weekend.

His classmates, as well as his coworkers at the Pizza Artista in Broussard, are dealing with the tragic loss.

Matthew was hired at Pizza Artista when he was 16 but had his eye on the job for quite some time.

His coworkers say their staff is like family, and Matthew was no exception.

Customers usually knew him by name.

His presence and personality dominated a room, and the staff say the 17-year-old was wise beyond his years.

"You could learn a lot from Matthew, and it's crazy because he's younger," said friend and coworker Emmie Frederick. "Even out of work, he could teach you so much."

As an employee, Matthew was trustworthy and dependable.

"[He would] talk to customers like he knew them his whole life, and he did what we asked him to do," said family friend and boss Christina Doiron. "He went beyond of what we asked him to do."

Matthew is said to have always aspired to be the best version of himself, whether that be making pizzas, playing football, or chasing his dreams to become a doctor.

"If he needed you, he was there for you," explained Frederick. "So, I just want to try to be better for everyone else and for myself. He wanted me to be the best person I could be. He always just tried to build me, so I'm going to try to do that for him."

He's left an impression on those who knew him, and in death, Matthew is still helping others as an organ donor.

"Like I said, he set the standard," said Doiron. "There will never be another Matthew Carter."