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Appeals court overturns contempt conviction for Lafayette public defender who filmed duct-taping incident

Posted at 8:00 PM, Jan 22, 2020

A Lafayette attorney who was found in contempt of court by Judge Marilyn Castle last July for videotaping as a bailiff in duct-taped a defendant's mouth shut was cleared on Wednesday, according to The Advocate.

Wednesday, a panel of judges with the Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal overturned Michael Gregory's contempt conviction.

Judge Marilyn Castle ruled that Gregory, a public defender, was in contempt of court when he filmed Castle ordering the defendant's mouth taped shut in mid-July 2019.

The judge ordered that Gregory was prevented from bringing his cell phone or any other electronic devices to court for six months and that he pay a $100 fine.

The Advocate reports Gregory received his phone privileges again in the past week and the appeals court ordered in its decision that the fine money be paid back to Gregory.

The court's ruling said, "We are unable to uphold a finding of contempt of court against Attorney Gregory under the peculiar circumstances of this case."

Neither Gregory nor Judge Castle did not comment on the ruling.