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5.7 million robocalls were received in October; 2019 record year for calls

Posted at 6:46 PM, Nov 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-20 19:54:30-05

If you feel like you have been getting a lot of robocalls lately, you're not alone.

We have all gotten them.

YouMail, a robocall blocking app, found there were 5.7 billion robocalls during the month of October. This is a 25% increase from September, with 49 billion in total for the year. Those numbers are higher than 2018.

"Everyday, from 7 o' clock in the morning, and it keeps on all day, it's annoying, and it's always about the same thing" Rosetta Issac said.

She says the calls never stop for her. She often turns off her phone during the evening to prevent the calls from coming through.

"That's not too good, because I have family out of town, and if something happens, they can't get in touch with me," Issac said.

There are several ways you can help stop the strange numbers calling at any hour.

Major phone companies like AT&T and Verzion offer spam protection, which either comes as an app or a setting.

If blocking the callers and downloading the apps aren't helping, the Better Business Bureau says the best solution is not to answer.

"Do not answer the phone. If it's important, someone will leave a message," Sharane Gott, President and CEO of the BBB said.

Gott says answering and fighting with them only sets you up to become a victim of a costly scam.

"Because if you answer the phone, your number is sold to every crook on the dark web," Gott warns.

Gott says if you do answer, just hang up.