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Mamou Police investigating multiple threats at Mamou High

Posted at 6:17 PM, Sep 27, 2019

Students at Mamou High School were sent home early today after a bomb threat was made.

Police say a note was found on campus, causing the evacuation.

This is the second threat made at Mamou High School this month. Investigators say whoever is responsible will face serious consequences when caught.

"We just turned off the lights, sat down and waited for them to come get us," said Mamou High Senior Lauren Soileau.

She says during the lockdown, she was not worried because her class is used to having drills.

"We kind of brush it off like a joke, but in reality, it's a pretty scary thing that could happen to us any day," Soileau said.

Mamou Police Chief Brent Zackery said during the bomb threat, students were evacuated to a nearby football field and parents were asked to pick their kids up.

"I keep my officers back in forth in the public and make sure that they do see an officer around every location where our kids are," Chief Zackery said.

The Chief added that another threat was made at Mamou High last week. He said someone claimed they would shoot the school.

"This is a dangerous game they're playing and once they're caught, they will be dealt with the full extent of the law," Chief Zackery said. "We will not tolerate this going on in the school. Kids come here to learn and not to be scared or driven off of school."

Superintendent Darwin Lazard wants parents to know Evangeline Parish Schools are safe and if the person making threats is a student, they face expulsion.

"This is a place of learning and Mamou High is a great place to be," Lazard said.

School will resume as normal on Monday.

If you have any information on these threats, call police.