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Duson police officer looking for answers after suspect accused of trying to shoot him was released from jail

Posted at 9:54 PM, Sep 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-17 12:19:43-04

DUSON — A Duson police officer is looking for answers after the suspect accused of trying to shoot him was released from jail nearly two weeks ago.

The officer was off duty, driving his car with his mother in his passenger seat, when he says someone started shooting at them. This happened in June. Neither the officer nor his mother were hit, and two people were arrested.

Romeion Glaude and Ronald Guidry were initially facing attempted murder charges.

But Glaude was released from jail last month, when charges were dropped. Tonight, he's back in custody, now facing a Principal to Attempted Murder charge.

Duson Police Officer Calvin Francis is worried about his and his mother's safety. He says even though Romeion Glaude is back in custody, Francis believes he should have never been out to begin with.

"At any point in time, he could have come and shoot us or do anything. I live in the area, I'm in my personal vehicle. What if he saw my car again? What if one of my family members was with me and he succeeded and killed us. What would the response be from the Da's office? I'm sorry? I'm sorry doesn't bring a life back."

Officer Francis says he and his family were never notified that Glaude was released. He says he took his concerns to an Assistant DA.

"Instead, he said he met with the suspect and his mom and felt like he had little to no involvement and so I'm going to charge him with obstruction because he isn't telling the truth at the moment. I thought that was a load of bull. Someone fired several rounds at the car with my mom in it and you're going with that? He said I don't think the crime fits the bill."

We've reached out to the District Attorney's office, who say they're looking into our questions on what exactly happened.

Francis added, "We have a job we have sworn to do and I think we should be doing our job...police officers, district attorneys, judges. We need to do our job."

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