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Crowley Police Department considering new live cameras

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Posted at 8:41 PM, Aug 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-09 21:17:52-04

The Crowley Police Department may soon have new technology to use in the city.

Police Chief Jimmy Broussard said the town is looking to purchase 20-30 cameras to place in high crime areas. These high crimes areas would be parts of the city where police have received multiple or repeated calls, more violent calls, and where they have seen higher drug activity.

The cameras will "give us the availability to be able to watch closer," and will allow police to roll back the film and get information on a particular incident.

The department is also looking into purchasing License Plate Readers (LPRs). These would be placed on the major thoroughfares in the town: 1-10, Highway 90, and Highway 13.

Broussard said these cameras would allow police to catch a vehicle that is attempting to flee the city.

Chief Broussard has high hopes for the cameras; the cameras "will assist in curtailing some of the crime...if people know that 'Big Brother' is watching, they may slow down on criminal activity."

Other cities around Louisiana have seen success after implementing live cameras, said Broussard.

He also hopes to not only use the cameras in regards to crime deterrent.

"We can have live feeds as well," he explained, noting that the city hosts the International Rice Festival in October and Festival d'Acadie in February.

Citizens could be able to watch these events as they take place if they're unable to be there in person.

Broussard said that though the cameras would be a big help, the community must also do their part by calling the police if they see or hear something suspicious.

"It all starts with people calling. The community's got to get involved."

In terms of set up, Broussard explained that the police department would have two large monitors in dispatch with all the different camera feeds.

Broussard persistently thanked the city council for taking on the project. He specifically thanked Alderman Clint Credeur and Alderwoman Kim Stringfellow for their investment.

"I applaud our city council for this...I think this is really going to help our city." He added that the new technology would help the department "police better."

Chief Broussard said that right now, the city council is still simply discussing the possibility and interviewing companies that would be able to assist with funding. He said the council hopes to find grant funding or another funding source so that the cameras wouldn't hurt the city budget.

If residents would like to assist with the project, Broussard encouraged them to contact the Alderman or Alderwoman personally and express their support. He also said that anyone may contribute to the project if they would like to, saying that any donations are accepted.

"Law enforcement has changed...the way we police has become different. There's a lot of new modern technologies that we have at our availibility, that we have at our fingertips that we need to utilize."