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UPDATE: Pet Waste Station project is growing

Posted at 1:11 PM, Jan 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-27 14:11:32-05

LAFAYETTE — Dog owners can often find themselves in a stinky situation while out on a walk...being without something to clean up after their animal. While walking away seems like a simple solution, it can be extremely hazardous to everyone's health (and rude).

Back in 2020, we did a story about the launch of a program that installed free pet waste supply stations in Lafayette parks.

Tonight, we'll have an update on the program, which has been expanded ever since.

"As high as 50% of parks have positive test for K-9 parasites," Dr. Robert Broussard of Reveiller Veterinary Clinic told us in 2020.

Back then, Broussard said dogs feces often contains eggs of hookworms and round worms. The diseasescan be picked up by other animals and even children.

"Children play, put their hands in their mouths, they can get parasites that way. MDs can tell you horror stories of these children that contract these parasites," Broussard explained.

A New Orleans business owner is making an effort to keep the parks clean. By partnering with city government and veterinarians, he is providing doggy waste bags free to the public.

"it just makes it a lot easier. Kids don't have to worry about stepping in dog feces. People can get them at the beginning of the trail, carry them around. It just helps keep the environment clean," Mike Castellano said. Castellano is the owner of Dirty Dog Salon.

"It creates a better atmosphere for the citizens of Lafayette, keeps the parks hopefully a little bit cleaner, that's the goal," added Frank Whittenberg, Athletic Program and Maintenance Director with Parks and Rec Lafayette.

Back then, 11 stations were scattered through out the city, with plans of adding 20 more by the end of that year.