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Thanksgiving Day saving tips

Posted at 7:35 PM, Nov 10, 2022

Thanksgiving Day is approaching fast, and due to inflation, the cost of groceries has increased.

I wanted to find out what are some money savings tips, so you can still have a grand feast with your loved ones.

Chase Breaux, Manager of Breaux's Mart said, "Look out for the store brands because those are going to be a lot cheaper than your regular name brand stuff, second look out for sales we're going to have a lot of sales especially coming up closer to Thanksgiving, and then third do not wait shop early because we still have supply issues going on."

Thanksgiving is officially 14 days away and with inflation raising the cost of groceries I asked shoppers what their Thanksgiving Day are plans.

Lucas Mczeal, Grocery Shopper said, "My Thanksgiving plans are staying home with the family, and just doing something simply nothing to big just trying to keep it at a minimum because of the prices of gas and the prices of groceries."

"My Thanksgiving Day plans are for me to cook for me and my kids, we are going to spend some time together and if they have any festivities we'll go and we'll travel to another family or friends house later." said, Vonkerri Kelly-Dixon

Shopping for groceries during the holiday season may be a little easier with grocery store employees there for assistance.

Patricia Heliare, Cashier at Breaux's Mart said, "During the holidays it's really good because, we get really busy, and we have an influx of people it's good I enjoy it. "

Another key tip is to use coupons while shopping, to try and save those extra bucks.