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Residents face flooding in Carencro

Posted at 10:21 PM, Apr 07, 2023

In Carencro clean up begins after a strong storm system swept through, causing major flooding to roads and residential areas.

The major storm dumped 5 to 8 inches of rain in the area and one family says, this is the highest amount of flooding they've seen on their property but say they were fully prepared for times like these.

"This is all old cow pastures and so it's low land that's why it was cow pastures before and we've built up our houses, to a level we feel very safe with we looked at some other houses in the area that have been here a long time, we measured their height and that's what we used and we were not to worried about anything. My kids are in the backyard enjoying it their playing soccer and they have been in the water all day, so it really has not been to bad for us. " said Jordan Arceneaux, Resident.

Another family I spoke to says flooding has been a main issue in their community for many years.

"Well it's a big struggle because everybody that has to get to and from work has to pass in the waters and it gets a lot deeper, towards the back side of the neighborhood because our house it's not freshly built but one of the newer builds. We are on a higher pile of land so everybody back there it all goes in their house, and they all get flooded and this happens a good 20-30 times a year because of the rain." said Jacob Simon, Resident.

Assistant Fire Chief Oren Haydel with the Carencro Fire Department, is asking people to not drive on flooded roadways because he says drivers could flood their cars or push water into homes.

Haydel tells me the drainage around the area is expected to help alleviate the water over time.