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UPDATE: Pierre predicts short spring, long summer

Posted at 10:58 AM, Feb 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-02 18:35:07-05

UPDATE: We've spoken to Pierre himself, who tells us an early report that he didn't see his shadow wasn't correct. He tells us he DID see his shadow, and that he's predicting a short spring and a long, hot summer.

Here's the original story - with the prediction corrected:

Sure, we've heard what that New England rat Phil had to say - but what about the Cajun rat?

Pierre C. Shadeaux, a nutria at the Zoo of Acadiana, makes his own predictions on February 2. Usually there's a public event, but this year, his underlings at Zoosiana reported on his prediction.

Here's the report:

"Pierre enjoyed a special breakfast this morning. Beignets and Community coffee. After breakfast Pierre takes a dip in his warm tub and as the Education Keepers dry him off and begin to groom him, Pierre slicks his reddish brown hair back anticipating his prediction soon. Although not open to the public this morning, some of the zoo employees arrived early to support Pierre C. Shadeaux. Everyone was excited. As the sun began to rise, and the zoo animals became vocal throughout the zoo, Pierre C. Shadeaux slowly emerges out of son maison."

If Pierre C. Shadeaux sees his shadow, the prediction is South Louisiana will have a short spring and a long hot summer.

If Pierre does not see his shadow the prediction is a longer spring and a short summer.

Pierre came out about 7:15 a.m., and, despite the fog, saw his shadow. Zoo officials earlier reported that he didn't see it, but Pierre assures us that he did.

Pierre, whose stage name is Boudreaux, can be seen during the Zoo's ZooLive Animal Show.

Nutrias are a non-native species that was introduced to Louisiana. They are considered a semi-aquatic rodent and are originally from South America. Nutria are also called Coypu (pronounced Koi Poo).