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LCG offering limited supply of rain barrels

Posted at 9:46 AM, Feb 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-11 10:46:46-05

Lafayette Consolidated Government's (LCG) Public Works Department and Lafayette Utilities System (LUS) is once again offering their Rain Barrel Program but in limited supply.

This year, LCG says a subsidized rain barrel is available for purchase to the first 300 customers in the City of Lafayette and unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish. Due to popular demand, a limited supply of 300 rain barrels is available to qualifying participants for a subsidized price of $38.00. The subsidy is limited to one barrel per residence in the City of Lafayette or unincorporated areas of the Parish.

Additional barrels, or barrels sold to residents outside of LCG's jurisdiction, may be purchased for $49.00. All orders must be placed by April 5, 2020 and will be available for pick up on April 18 at the Dean Domingues Compost Facility, located at 400 Dugas Road.

Rain barrels capture rainwater from rooftops that can be used to water flowers and plants, wash a vehicle, and for other outdoor non-potable purposes. By collecting and using rainwater, residents are able to supplement their tap water usage, thus saving money on their water bill and conserving a vital natural resource. Capturing rainwater that would otherwise flow into the Bayou Vermilion also reduces the amount of surface pollutants introduced into the local watershed.

Information about the program, including ordering a rain barrel, can be found here