LAGCOE is back!

Posted at 11:25 AM, Nov 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-10 13:00:09-05

LAGCOE will return to Lafayette for the 2022 technical conference and exposition, the board announced Wednesday.

The Board of LAGCOE made significant investment to Transform LAGCOE - innovating the major events it produces each year. The transformation will build upon LAGCOE’s established legacy by utilizing cutting edge concepts for topic-oriented conferences that are driven by partnerships with prominent organizations and use of digital technology, the announcement states.

The technical exposition and conference will maintain the same spirit of hospitality LAGCOE has come to embody, the announcement states.

“We are excited to return to Lafayette and will galvanize the best and brightest of the energy sector but also become more sustainable and welcome geothermal and wind,” advised Gary Landry, LAGCOE Chairman.

LAGCOE2022 will highlight new and cutting-edge ideas from the energy industry. Among the numerous initiatives are the highly anticipated “Energy Pitch”, live music, student competitions, food tasting, and most importantly connecting businesses. One major component which sets this show apart from prior years being all activities will be conducted on the show floor, the announcement says.

“We are working hard to ensure our event meets the needs of both our longtime supporters and new generation of energy professionals. Encompassing innovative ideas, speakers, and training sessions, LAGCOE2022 is evolving beyond a traditional tradeshow and will be seen as an industry trend setter moving forward,” advised Sara Bourque, LAGCOE Executive Director.

The LAGCOE technical exposition and conference is scheduled for Wednesday, October 19 thru Friday, October 21, 2022 at the Cajundome and Convention Center. To learn more about this event, please visit our website