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Lafayette man meets his doppleganger

Posted at 3:36 PM, Oct 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-29 17:34:28-04

A Lafayette man who has been gaining attention on social media as a Drew Brees look-alike got to meet the genuine article today.

The Saints Quarterback was in town to promote his newest Lafayette business, and Ragin Crossfit owner Jeremy Hohle showed up to meet Brees.

During the meeting, Brees said he saw the posts on social media of his doppelganger gaining traction. Following the game on Sunday, Brees says his wife texted him about Hohle, showing him photos of a man with a striking resemblance to himself. " [It was] one of those quick glances, and I'm just like 'oh, my goodness,'" Brees said.

Hohle says he is humbled to bear a resemblance to Brees. He mentioned that his daughters have seen photos and video of Brees, mistaking the the quarterback for their dad

Brees told Hohle that he could probably "milk" the doppelganger thing to which Hohle responded, "with your help, we could milk it together."

Before parting, Brees snapped a selfie with Hohle. "Long lost cousin, here," he said after taking the photo.

Here's a post from Hohle's Facebook:

If you were watching Sunday's Saints game, chances are you were seeing double, a split screen of Drew Brees and "Not Drew Brees."

Hohle told us he finds it amazing that his picture has gone viral.

"The year they won the Superbowl, I was down there and that's when it was kind of crazy. Everybody stopped me. I took hundreds of pictures. So I always kind of knew something like this might happen," he told KATC yesterday.

Ten years later, Hohle received the same attention, but this time from the Saints and a national TV audience..

"As soon as we sat down all of the players just kind of started looking and laughing and, you know, Kamara was kind of pointing and laughing and he went tap a few of the other guys," Hohle explains.

Hohle says he has not only embraced his resemblance to Brees but his core values as well.

"I'm really big into my family. I own my own business and that's kind of my baby. I show up every morning at 5:00 here. I just see a lot of similarities in both of us," Hohle said.

He does not have plans for the Saints upcoming game against the Atlanta Falcons but plans to return soon.

"I think in three weeks we'll be back out there. We have the same seats, you know, so hopefully we'll get to meet him at some point."