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Indonesian officials, designer visit UL to meet with students

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Posted at 5:52 PM, Dec 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-03 18:52:19-05

UL students presented a collection by an Indonesian designer today.

The event was held in conjunction with a visit to the university by Dr. Nana Yuliana, The Consul General of Indonesia. Yuliana was on campus today to provide anupdate on the US-Indonesia relationship on business, tourism, and culture. The event was hosted by the Moody College of Business Hospitality Management event planning class.

Students helped plan the presentation of Rony Billiardo's designs. It was a "silent disco," meaning spectators and models wore headphones to listen to music from the show's DJ.

Billiardo was coming to the US to present several shows, and Ignatius Cahyanto, a professor in the hospitality management program, asked if he would consider putting together a capsule collection for Cahyanto's students to present.

"He was graceful enough to take the challenge and put together a capsule collection so my students could have real-life experience as event planners," Cahyanto said. "They had a couple of lessons to learn. One is the complexity of being an event planner. Most people think it's easy - no really. The students worked many hours and days to put this together."

Cahyanto said the students came up with the "silent" concept, and to work into that, the idea of having the show in the library.

"I really appreciate how the students put together the show," he said. "There is a lot of work here."

Yuliana said she is based in Houston, but her office covers several states including Louisiana. She said this year the consulate is celebrating the 70th anniversary of Indonesian-US diplomatic relations. Her visits are aimed at raising awareness on both sides. During this visit included meetings with state officials and this morning's lecture at UL.

"We're very glad that Indonesia is of interest to the people here. I feel that through people-to-people activities, our relationship will be stronger," Yuliana said. "The people here are very friendly."