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Group leaders host meeting to address LCG layoffs

Posted at 11:18 PM, Aug 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-17 00:29:10-04

LAFAYETTE — Community activists are rallying in support of the parks and recreation employees who have been laid off.

The layoffs, which went into effect last week, are part of Mayor-President Josh Guillory's proposed budget cuts.

Members of the Lafayette NAACP and other community groups are now discussing the next steps towards helping the affected workers.

"Most of them, maybe about 27-32 of them were African American. That means a number of things," said event organizer Devon Morgan. "Number one, the city is now less diverse."

The nearly three dozen people in attendance urged city and parish leaders to force the mayor-president to reinstate those laid-off workers.

"It is time now that we no longer sit by while our brothers and sisters are dying," exclaimed Morgan.

Among the crowd was Parish Councilman AB Rubin. He says his main focus is getting those former employees benefits.

"I talked to one young man, like I said before, five children... no insurance. I talked to another young man; his mama has cancer, and he's taking care of his mom... no insurance," explained Rubin. "That's the concentration for me."

Leaders, like Rubin, say they're doing their part to serve their constituents.

"All we can do is keep the narrative going and try to make something happen and get the administration to understand the way that we feel," said the councilman.

Even after the meeting ended, some stayed behind at the Domingue Recreation Center to discuss their next step in their fight for the parks and recreation employees.

Organizers say they will attend Tuesday's city and parish council meetings to voice their concerns and demand a change.