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Festival wristbands - What you need to know

Posted at 9:56 AM, Apr 22, 2022

As in previous years, if you're headed out to Festival International next week you will need a wristband to pay for stuff.

The wristbands allow you to buy food, drinks and merch.

Here's what you need to know about them:

You can get yours before Fest starts at Parish Ink on Jefferson Street in Downtown Lafayette.

After Festival starts, you can get it at Festival.

You can load it at Festival, or you can set up an account so that you can add money to it from your phone. NOTE: there are sometimes lines at those kiosks, and you will need to have your credit or debit card to use them.

You can set up your account by clicking here:

The money loaded on the wristbands is handled by Festival. First Horizon sponsored the wristbands so that patrons don't have to pay for them, a Festival spokeswoman says.

If you don't spend all the money you loaded onto your wristband, it will be automatically credited back to the debit or credit card you used to set it up - less $5 kept as a processing fee.