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Family shares story of evacuating to Lafayette during Katrina

15th Anniversary of Katrina
Posted at 6:33 PM, Aug 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-29 23:28:52-04

When Katrina hit 15 years ago, Louisiana suffered significant damage that would forever change the lives of many.

One family who evacuated to Lafayette says they lost everything and had to rebuild.

"It took all of their homes. Leslie's place was in a different field. My grandpa's trailer was full of water," said Jenene Ducote.

As they waited out Katrina in Lafayette, Jenene's uncle got lost in the storm, and his body was never found. This is a loss his son will never forget.

"I called the coast guard with coordinates, but without proof of life, the focus was on New Orleans. So they were not going to go somewhere that remote to look without me talking to him," said Karl Scarabin.

Since Katrina, the family that remains in Plaquemines Parish makes it a habit to evacuate as a precaution. However, for Jenene, she says she felt safe in Lafayette and didn't see a need to relocate during Hurricane Laura.

"I think it would take a big storm to hit Lafayette to get us to evacuate. There's a tree across the street that took the power line down. So mostly that kind of damage. We didn't see much flooding," sais Ducote.

Although their family has lost so much they were able to rebuild.

"My heart is in southwest Louisiana to those who lost everything like us. I fill for them," said Lelsie Scarabin.