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Chief: Teens' actions spoiled Halloween

Youngsville police investigating armed robbery
Posted at 5:12 PM, Nov 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-01 18:12:44-04

Most of the folks on Youngsville's streets last night were celebrating Halloween in a safe and responsible way.

But apparently there were some - older teens - who were causing problems for everybody.

Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux took to social media Monday morning to complain about the actions of a few kids who messed up things for everyone they met.

"As I sit here and go over the events of last night’s Halloween events I am appalled at the actions of several young adults that found it necessary to cause damages to decorations, knock on doors and run, fight, curse and throw items at young children trying to enjoy the night," the chief wrote. "Parents PLEASE talk with your teenagers!!!! I’m making a promise that this WILL NOT occur again next year without hard repercussions!!! This kind of behavior is not wanted and will not be tolerated in this community again. If you are one of the ones that committed these acts I hope you are able to look at yourself in the mirror this morning and know that if the video is able to identify you we will be knocking at your parents door to visit you both!!!!"

Boudreaux said the hooligans were damaging residents' decorations, yelling profanities and throwing things at people walking by and trying to enjoy the evening.

He said it was a group of kids, mostly 15 years old and older.

"I'm not saying they can't have a good time," he said. But harassing others, damaging property and causing problems is not going to work, he adds.

Unfortunately for the perpetrators, many of the bystanders caught their antics - and their faces - on camera.

"We're using that to identify some of these kids," Boudreaux said.

The chief said he had hoped that last night would have been a great event, with families and kids happy to finally be out and about and seeing their neighbors after more than a year of lock-downs and cancellations.

"But in my years of being chief, this is one of the worst" Halloweens he's seen, Boudreaux said.

He said the bigger neighborhoods in town seemed to have the biggest problems.

He also said they can get ready, because he's coming to see them.

"We've identified several of them, and over the next few days we'll be knocking on their doors," Boudreaux said. "But let me tell you this: They better come in and fess up first. More can be worked out before it gets to that point. Come in and talk to us. If I have to come looking for you, you're not showing me that you're sorry for what you did."

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