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Book Gifting Project hopes to donate books written by African American authors

Goal is to donate 50 books in February
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Posted at 6:00 AM, Feb 01, 2021

LAFAYETTE, La. — A group of community advocates are working on getting children reading and have created a small initiative called the Book Gifting Project.

"We were just off for Martin Luther King Day, and some kids just know him for his 'I have a dream speech.' It's time for us to educate our kids. Let's start them young; let's start with reading," said Evangeline Mitchell.

So far, it's been a group effort to distribute donated books that cater to African American students in K-8th grade.

"They have to see us, and it's a motivation. So, they're not seeing what's possible from someone that looks like them and comes from the background that comes from where they come from," said community advocate Marvin Hackworth.

The group is focused on schools on Lafayette's Northside.

"I worked the Northside, and I know the impact the kids need, and I know the encouragement that they need, and they need to be able to see something different," said Hackworth.

The woman who spearheaded the idea hopes to distribute 50 donated books by the second week of February in honor of Black History Month and has plans to expand it further.

"I wanted this to be a start but also come back again and continue to get books for them to complete a full library at home," said Bridget Ryan.

Anyone who wants to donate to the cause can email the group directly at

Drop off locations:

Heymann Center

Dominique Center