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Bee swarming season is underway

Posted at 8:52 PM, Apr 11, 2023

April is swarming season for bees.

They are reproducing and have to find a new place to build their hives.

Acadiana Bee Keeper, Michael Smith, explained the importance of bees and precautions to take during swarming season.

Smith used a live swarm for the demonstration at the Petroleum Club.

According to Smith, a hive could have anywhere between 60 to 100 thousand bees, so hives can get very big.

Something Smith wants people to know is, if you see a swarm the bees are not dangerous, they are simply looking for a new home.

"When you see a big swarm of bees, they're just basically trying to find another place to stay. When they left the hive, the engorged themselves with honey. They are very docile. They're just basically looking for a place to stay. If they are on your swing set, on a plant or rosebush. In two or three days, they're going to be gone. Now where they go, heavens knows," Smith said.