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After 4th of July Fireworks a Home in Scott Burns Down

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Posted at 6:55 PM, Jul 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-04 19:55:36-04

A home on Rue Novembre burned last night, and authorities think it was fireworks that caused the fire.

“The fireworks were a little warm and it smoldered throughout the night and in the early morning hours of the 4th of July caught the trash can on fire which spread through the home,” said Fire Chief Chad Sonnier.

Sonnier says even if it’s been hours after popping fireworks, the fireworks can still be hot internally.

“Yeah, we want to remind everyone even after you pop the fireworks and they have been sitting for an hour or 2 there still hot internally. You may not notice it on the outside, but the inside is still hot” Sonnier said.

The Scott Fire Department asks residents around Acadiana to be as safe as possible when using fireworks. A way to ensure safety is to soak the fireworks with water before placing them in the trash can.

“It’s our understanding that you should soak the fireworks after you use them. In fact, if you don’t use some of the fireworks and you just dispose of them you should soak them in water. Recommendation is for a couple of hours,” said Chris Domingue.