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Acadiana men plan documentary on policing

Posted at 12:41 PM, Jan 18, 2021

Two Acadiana men are working on a documentary, "Louisiana: The Last Plantation."

Jamal Taylor and Andre Arceneaux, both local activists well-known for their work in civil rights, are working on the film, which "takes a look at the failures of policing in Louisiana towards people of color," according to the trailer.

"Through the use of unreleased bodycam footage, interviews with victims and their families, and insight from the attorneys handling cases of brutality, we will show how the plantation mentality is alive and well in our state," the caption for the trailer states.

"In Louisiana, we know this is a trend, of police officers either brutalizing or ignoring the brutalization of black people," some says during the trailer as images of police brutality, the KKK and a plantation-appearing house flash by. The George Floyd video, as well as many other videos of police brutality that have circulated over the past several years, are shown.

Baton Rouge attorney Ronald Haley, who represents the family of Trayford Pellerin, a black man shot to death by Lafayette Police last summer, makes an appearance in the trailer.

"In Louisiana, there is a problem. The police disproportionately murder and brutalize people of color," he says. "I can't tell you how many hospitals I've visited. I can't tell you how many funerals I've attended. I can't tell you how many mothers' hands I've held. Policing in Louisiana is broken. And I intend to fix it."

In the trailer, Taylor says the film "raises the discourse on the black experience in this country."

The film will use bodycam footage and attorney interviews to tell the story of the "true experience of black people when they come in contact with law enforcement."

Arceneaux says they "believe this documentary will make a difference."

Here's the trailer. WARNING: Contains content which may be upsetting to some viewers.

Trailer for "Louisiana: The Last Plantation"

The pair have set up a GoFundMe to raise money to fund the creation of the video. If you're interested in helping fund the film, click here.