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Affidavits show new details in suit against St. Martinville Mayor's husband

Posted at 11:01 PM, Jul 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-24 06:56:19-04

The City of St. Martinville is preparing for court Wednesday, July 24 after filing suit against Mayor Melinda Mitchell's husband.

Last week, the city council voted to ban Lawrence Mitchell from city property and from interacting with city employees except his wife.

KATC INVESTIGATES uncovered new documents that show why the city wants a judge to grant a restraining order.

The sworn affidavits accuse Mitchell of harassing city employees so much so that one person said he is beyond the Mayor's control.

Five sworn affidavits from city employees and Councilman Craig Prosper will be presented in the case against St. Martinville Mayor Melinda Mitchell's husband Lawrence. He's accused of disrupting city work ever since the Mayor took office nearly a year ago.

The affidavits are all similar and accuse Mitchell of shouting expletives and showing up on city property and job sites. Mitchell is even accused of attempting to give order to city workers.

City Maintenance Supervisor Brian Touchet said, "Lawrence Nanny Mitchell comes to the city barn on numerous occasions." He went on to say, he sometimes follows employees to various work sites and takes videos of them while they're working.

In Touchet's sworn affidavit, he said Mitchell's actions were so frequent and disturbing that in his first month on the job, he met with the Mayor at City Hall to ask her to keep her husband away. Touchet said, the Mayor said she would.

Touchet's story is similar to the other sworn affidavits.

Michael Martin, another city employee says Mitchell recently drove to the city barn shouting the "f-word." Martin claims Mitchell said he was "politicking for his wife" and challenged him to a fight when asked to leave.

Councilman Craig Prosper already has a restraining order against Mitchell. In May, police arrested Mitchell after they say he violated a restraining order.

Prosper said Mitchell has even held his fingers in the shape of a gun, pointing at him. Prosper said he now carries a weapon out of fear for his safety.

The affidavits also show at least one city employee has quit after Lawrence Mitchell cursed at them.

KATC INVESTIGATES also requested documents regarding Lawrence Mitchell last week, but the Mayor's office said they only had two. One email from KATC and one from Police Chief Ricky Martin that talked about a recent complaint.

Today, we revised our request, asking for any correspondence that referenced Mayor Mitchell's husband by any name.

Wednesday morning, a judge will hear the city's motion to file a restraining order against Mitchell.