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UPDATE: UL hazing investigation

Posted at 5:47 PM, Oct 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-31 18:49:38-04

We have new information involving the suspension of a UL sorority and fraternity.

KATC Investigates uncovered Sigma Chi fraternity and Tri-Delta sorority are being investigated by UL Police.

The organizations are facing allegations of hazing and in some cases misuse of alcohol and mistreatment of a new member.

Last week, after we filed our public records request with UL, we noticed the UL System, which oversees nine Universities, has an email address setup where tipsters can report hazing allegations anonymously.

We filed a public records request with the UL System to see how many tips were emailed in and which Universities alleged hazing took place.

Since January of this year, five tips were reported via the email hotline. Three tips concerning fraternities at UL Monroe and two from UL Lafayette. In each instance the tips were forwarded from the UL System to administrators on each campus who then forwarded the allegations to police.

In one instance at UL and ULM administrators said they did not believe the fraternities in question were hazing. They called the reports isolated incidents, not fraternity hazing events. UL Monroe Police did close one case with a fraternity until further evidence or information becomes available.

The UL System encourages people to report hazing if they witness or experience it. Their website has links to each University’s hazing policy and the State’s hazing law.

We did reach out to UL Lafayette for an on camera interview, but we were told the Dean of Students is out of town. We also have a pending public records request with UL and we were told an employee is working to fulfill our request.