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Painting the town of Delcambre

Posted at 6:04 PM, Mar 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-14 23:14:57-04

If you were out and about in Delcambre today, you may have noticed painters working on their landscapes.

But those individual landscapes are, collectively, part of a bigger picture.

The annual Plein Air Outdoor Art Competition is a week-long event that benefits the Shadows-On-The-Teche gardens in New Iberia, as well as local art education.

When artists register, they receive a stamped canvas and are given free reign to find any spot in Acadiana to paint. Then, each day this week, paintings will be uploaded and sold online.

"These artists are all amazing and we are here and we are creating really great artwork from our eye without photography and this artwork is for sale now. So you can help artists, you can help the local historical situation and awareness of the area. The actual event is on Friday of this week and I invite everybody to come down and you can get some really great art," said Kirk Larsen, a painter from Hicksville, New York.

To learn more, visit the website for the sale here.