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Instagram photo raises concerns and questions in Buddhist community

Posted at 7:00 PM, Jul 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-25 20:00:26-04

An instagram photo is raising questions in a Buddhist community in Broussard. The image shows a girl in a bikini on steps to the 'Ordain Hall,' which is said to be the most sacred building on the property.

"Our temple, we welcome anyone and everyone to come take pictures but we do require them to be at least covered," says Fancy Phoumylay, a coordinator at the Temple. She adds that 'covered' means shoulders, knees and everything in between should be under appropriate clothing.

"At any religious area, you don't go and not be covered," Phoumylay said.

For women, who aren't allowed inside the ordain hall, these rules are in place as not to distract those who are there to worship.

"They're not tempted if you're properly dressed and all that," said Phoumylay.

The model and photographer have both taken the photo down from their social pages and apologized to those offended. Now the temple is looking at ways to educate outsiders so this mistake doesn't repeat itself.

"Its opening up our eyes meaning that we have to get stuff to educate people to display it so when someone does come and nobody is there to explain it at least they have that," said Phoumylay, adding if there are ever questions about how to approach an unfamiliar house of worship, its best to do research before entering.