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Two candidates vying for Scott mayor seat

Posted at 3:46 PM, Oct 12, 2018

The two candidates running for the mayor of Scott promising to keep their door open to the community.

Mayor Purvis Morrison says he wants to focus on the needs of the city including finishing the ongoing infrastructure projects he started eight years ago.

“I try to address their needs as quick as possible,” said Morrison. “We try to get it to them as quick as we can. And that’s always number one. And as always, keeping the fiscal budget, which is always done. Balance the budget. And make sure the dollars that are spent, are spent well for the city of Scott.”

“Our infrastructure base, when you look at our sewer and water capacity, we’re going to have to exceed those and modify those and bring them up to par,” Purvis stated.

Councilman Jan-Scott Richard says he wants to set up a plan to bring in more development while maintaining openness with the people of Scott.

“Transparency is the thing most people are looking for in a government,” said Richard.  “We’ll carry an open-door policy as well. But I think what we need to do is we need to continue with our drainage improvements, we need to tackle infrastructure…making sure we’re doing overlays. But we need a plan in place.”

“I think we can get out there and be more aggressive with investors and developers and business owners and try to promote Scott and promote people to come to our community,” added Richard.