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Guide to Elections: U.S. Senate Race and Redistricting

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Posted at 3:27 PM, Oct 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-24 16:27:21-04

US Senate Race Background

Republican John Kennedy is seeking his second term in office. The Democrats performing best include Gary Chambers and Luke Mixon. Independents Beryl Billiot, Xan John, W. Thomas La Fontaine Olson, Bradley McMorris round out the rest of the field with long-shot Democrats M.V. Mendoza and Salvador Rodriguez. Noteworthy that Kennedy was one of six Senators who voted to sustain the objections to Arizona’s electoral vote in 2020.

Impact of Redistricting

Through all the legal challenges, the resulting Louisiana map is unchanged after the 2020 census. Louisiana Governor, Democrat John Bel Edwards vetoed the map created by Republicans because the map didn’t create a second Black majority district. Republicans overrode that veto. The map was also challenged in court saying it violated the Voting Rights Act. The US Supreme Court has allowed the map to stay in place for now as it hears a similar case out of Alabama.