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Election results for Jeff Davis Parish

Posted at 9:33 PM, Oct 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-12 22:33:37-04

JEFF DAVIS PARISH — Below are the results for races in Jeff Davis Parish.

Locally, parish residents went to the polls to cast their vote for police jury. For results on State and legislative races, click here.

Here are the results for those 8 races.

Police Juror - District 3

Democrat Marcus O. Peterson has won over Democrat Towona P. king . Peterson received 68 percent of the vote totalling 347 votes. King received 32 percent of the vote with 163 votes.

Police Juror - District 4

Republican Kori Myers has won their seat for Jeff Davis Police Juror District 4 seat. Myers won with 57 percent of the vote with 333 votes. Democrate Bradley Eastman received 30 percent of the vote and Derrick Perkins received 13 percent of the vote

Police Juror - District 5

"Tim" Mcknight has won over "Tom" Kilpatrick for the district 5 seat. McKnight secured 60 percent of the vote. Over Kilpatrick.

Police Juror - District 8

Wayne Fruge has won a District 8 seat with 64 percent of the vote for the District 8 seat in Jeff Davis Parish. He grabbed victory over Rayfor Fontenot who received 36 percent of the vote.

Police Juror - District 10

Republican Bryan Buller has won with 70 percent of the vote for District 10 seat over "Maddy" Landry. Landry walked away with 29 percent of the vote.

Police Juror - District 11

The District 11 seat was hotly contested with both candidates neck and neck. "Butch" Lafargue received 352 votes while his opponent Paul Trahan received 350 votes. Lafargue is the winner in this contest.

Police Juror - District 12

Owen Cormier has won the District 12 seat with 54 percent of the vote over William Wild who received 46 pecent of the vote.

Police Juror - District 13

Chad Talbot has received 53 percent of the vote winning the District 13 seat over William Labouve who received 47 percent.