Meet the Candidates: Jeanerette City Marshal

Posted at 9:20 PM, Oct 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-31 00:24:20-04

JEANERETTE — Running for Jeanerette City Marshal is incumbent Fernest 'Pac Man' Martin, Samuel Wise, and Terrance Moore.

Question: Why should the people vote for you?

Pac Man: " My heart is in the right place, my passion is in the right place, and that's what we want to bring to Jeanerette, a safe environment, and you know what continue to provide the service that we have provided for the last 12 years as the marshal, and as well as the last 23."

Samuel Wise: "I've been on these streets; I know these streets. And all I've ever done in this town in this community was help people. You must learn how to help folks before you can lead, and I do believe that I am a leader, but I want to help my community get to where we need to be."

Terrance Moore: "Homegrown local resident, I grew up here in Jeanerette, Louisiana. I graduated from Jeanerette Senior High School class of 2002. I started my law enforcement career right here at this city police department."

Question: What experience do you have?

Pac Man: "But I've been serving Jeanerette 23 out of my 26 years of law enforcement. I started with the sheriff's department in Lafayette under Don Breaux, and ever since year 1993-1994 around December, I came to Jeanerette where I made Jeanerette my home."

Samuel Wise: "I have about 22 years of law enforcement experience. I am currently the assistant chief in the town of Baldwin. Jeanerette is home. This is where I've been all my life; this is where I'm raised at."

Terrance Moore: "And I have 18 years of law enforcement experience and supervisor experience and I want to use those attributes and education that I have, come back home and help my community and solve some crime that's taking place in our city."

Question: Is there something you hope to change, moving the marshal's office forward, if elected?

Pac Man "We're changing from you know what we don't want to just focus on the civil and court security. We've come out here, we do drug raids, we sit up there we do warrants, but most of all we enforce the law."

Samuel Wise: "Bringing the police department along with the city police chief and myself if I win as marshal, bring both entities together so that we can make a difference together."

Terrance Moore: "And that's another thing I look forward to is working with our youth in the community and also being an intervention so we can stop their pipelines from school street to jail and prison, so we need to intervene in our youth, get them back on track and that's something that I look forward to doing as a marshal."