Early start to crawfish season for restaurant, as they see an increase in customers

Crawfish season is near and already some restaurants are seeing rushes in customers.
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Posted at 5:49 PM, Jan 11, 2021

BREAUX BRIDGE — Crawfish season is near and already some restaurants are seeing rushes in customers.

For one Breaux Bridge restaurant, this crawfish season is giving them a chance to make up the money they lost to the pandemic last year.

When the pandemic began, Crazy Bout Crawfish in Breaux Bridge had temporarily shut down because of COVID restrictions. Now, workers are hopeful they can make up for last year's lost revenue.

The staff begins cooking early in the morning.

"We prep we have to have everything," manager Heather Huval said. "We have to have the seasoning pot and the boiling pot. We make it fresh every single morning."

Workers say business is great right now. Customers are coming in early this year to get their hands on the delicacy.

"They probably didn't get enough of their fill last year so they rush to come get it now," Huval said.

Last year business was impacted when the pandemic began. In addition to being forced to close, the cancellation of the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival and other events impacted their business.

"The money isn't as much as it would be," Huval said. "But it's okay. We're staying afloat and everything is evening out. It's doing really good."

Now they're able to open their dining room, albeit only at a 50 percent capacity. To-go orders are helping make up the difference.

"We have so many loyal customers coming to us and supporting us," Huval said.

"Soon as that crawfish comes, it goes. It's in high demand."

In the middle of the restaurant's kitchen, one crawfish stands out. A blue crawfish, which workers say is a symbol of hope.

"Blue crawfish basically means it's good luck," restaurant owner Megan Buckner said. "Good luck for the crawfish season and for us as a restaurant."

Huval added, "Always stay positive. We have a lot of faith. Everything is going good right now."