Dry air moving in behind a round of showers and storms

Posted at 4:52 AM, Jul 23, 2019

A rare July cold front will be pushing through Acadiana on Tuesday promising a round slightly more comfortable conditions later this week, but first a round of showers and storms.

Storms aren't going to be all consuming and blanketing but they will be fairly widespread through the afternoon and evening so an umbrella wouldn't be a bad idea.

Thunderstorms will produce some very heavy downpours and a lot of lightning which will be the biggest issue we have with the weather on Tuesday.

As the sun goes down showers will start to collapse and the dry air will start to filter in to the area which will give us a brief, but much appreciated, break from the oppressive summer heat and humidity.

Expect plenty of sunshine through the middle of the week and temperatures that will feel more like late spring than the middle of the summer.