Delcambre Fishermen Prepare for this week's Storms

Delcambre Fishermen Prepare for this week's Storms
Posted at 6:34 PM, Aug 24, 2020

While Monday morning skies were sunny in Delcambre, fishermen know what's to come, and they're preparing for the storms ahead.

"I was raised on a shrimp boat and I've had hurricanes from back in the sixties until now. It never bothered me," says Anthony Billiot whose whole family works on the water out of the Delcambre Port.

"We all fish for a living," he says, as he discusses the family's preparations for the storm. He says they'll all ride this week's storms out on the boats to protect their livelihoods and fix anything the storm touches as soon as they can.

"We try to hurry up and get together and try to fix it right away. Make sure we don't sink or nothing like that, take care of our boats," says Billiot.

It's the community of fishermen even the ones he's not related to that give Billiot hope everything will be alright.

"Feels like family, getting together helping each other. That's one rule about the fishermen. We always try to help each other."

Billiot says he expects to stay on his boat through the weekend.