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Woman shares struggle with glue mishap on social media

Posted at 2:59 PM, Feb 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-07 15:59:07-05

A Chalmette woman is sharing her struggles with the results of a "bad, bad, bad idea" on social media.

The woman, who uses the handle "Tessica Brown" on Instagram and YouTube, apparently ran out of a hair product called "Got2B Glued" and thought that Gorilla Glue spray adhesive would be a good substitute.

Initially, she posted a video on Instagram and YouTube explaining what she had done. Here's that video:

Various people commented on her posts, offering suggestions. One person, identifying himself as a dermatologist, posted a TikTok video in which he recommends that she try acetone - the main chemical in nail polish remover - to try to dissolve the glue on her head. He says she should visit a "professional hair salon" for assistance with that, since the chemical could irritate her scalp.

Today, a video was posted on her social media accounts showing her in someone's bedroom with another person opening what appear to be individual nail polish remover pad packets and rubbing them on her head. The woman later says that the cotton from the remover pads is sticking to Brown's hair. At one point in the video, Brown is holding a towel to her face and appears to be crying behind it.

Here's that video:

Her Instagram account also shows photos of a hospital in St. Bernard Parish, and a photo of someone in scrubs in what appears to be a hospital room with Brown.

The videos have been posted by several media groups, including TMZ.