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Baton Rouge business owner asking for help in locating laptop thief

Posted at 7:49 PM, Aug 16, 2019

Darren Vallaire, owner and president of Computer Heaven, Inc., in Baton Rouge is asking for help in locating the man who robbed his computer store.

Vallaire said the man walked into his store and spent about 15 minutes speaking with an employee about purchasing a laptop. He then picked up the computer and fled the store.

An employee chased the man out of the store, where the thief jumped into his pickup truck. The employee jumped in the truck bed and the thief drove off with both the employee and the laptop in tow.

After the employee banged on the roof of the cab, the thief pulled into a Walmart parking lot and demanded the employee get out of the truck. The employee refused and demanded the laptop.

The thief stuck the laptop out of the truck window and the employee took the computer; the thief then again demanded he get out of his truck. The employee refused again and demanded the laptop's power cord. The thief consented, and gave the employee the power cord.

Finally, the employee got out of the truck and the thief drove away.

Vallaire said the company did not get a license plate number and hopes someone will recognize the man and/or the truck.