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Animal control officer recognized for rescuing dog on bridge

Posted at 11:55 AM, Nov 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-08 12:55:49-05

A St. John Parish animal control officer is being recognized after she worked with good samaratins and deputies to save a little dog on the Spillway Bridge.

Melissa Dillon Seal was on her way to assist another officer Saturday morning when traffic on the Spillway Bridge stopped. Two cars ahead of her had stopped after the drivers saw a small dog running in and out of traffic. Deputies arrived to direct traffic away from the vehicle that the dog was hiding under, a release from the Humane Society of Louisiana says.

Seal crawled under the vehicle and captured the dog before she could run away.

The dog, a Chihuahua mix, was brought to the St. John Shelter, where she will be available for adoption if she's not claimed. The Humane Society of Louisiana, to help identify the person who abandoned the dog, is offering a $500 reward. Those with information on the owner or caretaker’s identity are encouraged to call the Humane Society at 1-888-6-HUMANE (486-264). The Humane Society will share all tips and leads with the St. Charles Sheriff’s Office.

Both Melissa and the Humane Society are very concerned that releasing dogs and cats in traffic is becoming a common problem in Louisiana. The Humane Society receives reports of cats being thrown out of moving vehicles on a regular basis. It appears that owners deliberately release the animals in traffic to avoid finding them homes or taking them to a local shelter, where they could be adopted. Apparently, it is easier for some owners to let the animal be hit by a car and die rather than find it a new home, according to the Humane Society.

Though most shelters and rescues are overflowing with unwanted pets, especially after Hurricane Ida, dumping and/or abandoning animals is illegal. There are much safer and more humane ways of surrendering an animal. Call your local shelter and ask for help or suggestions on the safest way to do so.

”We are glad to help, but throwing a living being out of a moving vehicle is inexcusable. Reach out for help," says Seal.

To honor Seal’s effort in safely capturing the little dog, the Humane Society has sent a $100 Petco gift card to the St. John Animal Shelter and asked that the donation be used to purchase supplies for the facility.